What can Voximplant help with?

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  • Cloud Contact Center
    Build your own cloud contact center and forget about slow, expensive upgrades and maintenance.
  • Softphones
    Embeddable web and mobile phone applications for your users or agents with a few lines of code.
  • Click-to-call
    Your customers reach you with a single click and can send data together with a call.
  • Voice calls for classifieds
    Making calls to several different phone numbers is annoying. Make users happy by simplifying the process.
  • Cloud IVR
    Design an interactive voice response system according to your business needs. Reduce costs with an automated system.
  • Dating
    What's coming beyond chats and photo exchanges? Voice or video calls are our answer. Callback or phone number masking help achieve anonymity.
  • Call Tracking
    Different phone numbers for different marketing and advertising channels help to process their true efficiency and calculate ROI.
  • Voice & video for chat
    with experts
    High quality voice and video communication enhancement tools. Works great for education, law, real estate and other markets.
  • Notifications
    Notify users or customers about important events. Automate the process by using the power of the cloud.
  • Automated surveys
    Reduce costs by automating polls and surveys. Getting customer feedback has never been easier.
  • Broadcasting
    Deliver voice and video to users in real time.
  • Mobile customer service
    Embedding tap-to-call functionality into mobile apps helps to serve customers wherever they are.
  • Two-factor authentication
    Use mobile phones to enhance security. Video can be used for more complex and secure verification procedures.
  • CRM Integration
    Integrate the two main pieces of the sales process, CRM and phone calls.
  • Video calls from ATM/kiosk
    Replace people with ATMs or kiosks connected to contact center for load optimization and to increase efficiency the efficiency of your customer service.
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