Virtual assistant that helps people to buy airplane tickets

Smart operator has created a virtual assistant that helps customers define their needs more precisely and suggests the most suitable airline reservation options. Being integrated with Voximplant, a ZenSolutions bot acquired the hearing and speaking abilities so that the assistant could communicate appropriately. To book a flight, a customer just needs to call a toll-free number, which can be embedded into an app or widget on a website.

About is engaged in the development of business automation solutions based on the artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) technologies. Solutions created by can be embedded into any communication channels: telephone or mail services, messengers, and even website widgets.

Our solutions can process up to 60% of customer contacts automatically, which helps to reduce the telephony costs significantly and save on human resources.

We sought for a telecom partnership to automate the business processes that involve calls, such as, for example, data verification, IVR replacement, and data collection for the first-line technical support. Voximplant is an extraordinary partner. The platform not only allows us to configure any call scenarios but also recognizes the speech during a call better than any other similar solution available in the market.
Roman Doronin,
CEO of

Voximplant in action

A customer calls an airline company (incoming call)

A virtual assistant is integrated with the airline company’s API, which contains a database of available airplane tickets. When the customer calls a dedicated phone number (+7 495 ХХХ ХХХ), the Voximplant cloud connects him or her with a Zenbot virtual assistant. After Zenbot sends a command to VoxImplant, it triggers a JavaScript scenario, which communicates with the customer using the voice synthesis and speech recognition technologies.


Time savings: it takes 2 minutes to book a flight by phone.
The voice assistant costs two times cheaper than the operator’s work
The solution can be integrated with any IT infrastructure, such as CRM, SAP, and string database.
The system is available for customers 24/7, no sick or holiday leave needed.
The solution can be integrated into any channel: a mobile app, widget or messenger.