Automated order confirmation

Instant data verification

Immediately after placing an order with the Ulmart online store, a bot calls the customer to confirm the order details. The bot can recognize both vocal responses and any buttons pressed. If a customer wants to change the order or ask a question during the call, he or she can speak to an operator at the contact center.

About Ulmart

Ulmart is a private e-commerce company in Russia. The online store offers 12 million mass-market items, with Ulmart’s logistics network covering 240 cities. The company is a leader in the Russian e-commerce market.

According to our business process, we first contact a customer to confirm the details of his or her order. It’s crucial that the customer confirms that the address, delivery time, and price are correct. In our contact center, such communications amount to 40% of calls. During a pre-holiday rush, we faced order overflow and needed to estimate peak loads and possibly expand the pool of our contact center operators. However, in December 2014, we introduced call automation into our system. Thanks to the efficiency this automation provided, we didn’t have to hire additional staff, even before the New Year holidays. With this solution, we can scale up by 10, 20, even 30 times without changing our business process. We’re able to work in the same way as before. That’s important.
Dmitry Chmel,
Director of the Business Architecture Center, Ulmart Delivery Platform

Voximplant in action

Automated calls

Voximplant is integrated with the Ulmart SAP system. After a customer places an order, which includes delivery, the SAP system immediately sends the following data to Voximplant: the customer’s phone number, order amount, and delivery date, time, and address. The platform interviews the customers and sends the call results to Ulmart. The bot attempts to call the client three times within two hours. If the attempts aren’t successful, the order is automatically forwarded to an operator for processing.


40,000-45,000 orders confirmed per month
Bot calls within 15 minutes after placing an order
History of success since December 2014
50% of orders confirmed by the bot
Automation costs reduced by three times, as compared with the contact center