VoIP and CRM integration

Customer communications

During the first contact with a new customer, the operator asks questions and sends a request for issuing a card. To speed up the operator’s work, the customer request is sent directly to the CRM system, from which the operator can call the customer with just one click. The operator cannot see the phone number, as it is hidden. The call recording is automatically added to the customer’s history file.

About Rocketbank

Rocketbank is a fully remote mobile bank. With its mobile app, customers can instantly refill cards from other banks free of charge, open accounts, make deposits, pay taxes and penalties, pay for the internet, and replenish the funds on their Troika and Strelka cards. The app also provides analytics features for expenditure monitoring. Rocketbank is a member of the Otkritie banking group.

Rocketbank had been using standard telecom solutions for two years. We were generally satisfied, as we mainly communicated with our clients via an in-app chat. 90% of all customer contact was message-based, while the remaining 10% consisted of operator calls to customers who had ordered cards. As our bank grew, operators needed to handle our increased customer flow even faster. As regards outgoing calls, we needed to move beyond manual dialing. As to incoming calls, it was necessary to accelerate customer authentication and the related data retrieval.

There are many companies capable of solving our task; however, the Voximplant cloud platform stood out for its flexibility. We didn’t have to buy any equipment or servers and so on. We have a strong team of backend developers that quickly implemented everything we needed using Voximplant.
Inga Labakhua
Emission and Delivery Manager, Rocketbank

Voximplant in action

The Voximplant cloud is integrated with the Rocketbank CRM system. An incoming call arrives at the Voximplant cloud, which issues a command for the CRM system to show the customer file, and forwards the call to the operator’s phone. If the operator makes an outgoing call, the CRM webpage sends out a signal, and the Voximplant cloud calls the customer and connects him or her with the operator. Calls are recorded if necessary.


Outgoing calls are placed directly from the CRM system (connecting within 5-10 seconds)
Customer authentication within 20 seconds (instead of 90 seconds)
10% of calls are monitored for quality control
1,500 calls completed per day
Customer’s phone number is hidden