Automated processing of requests

Smart handling and tracking of leads

Within a minute after a customer requests a test drive, maintenance service or loan application on HYUNDAI.RU, the robot calls the customer back to confirm the request. If the customer confirms his or her intentions, Voximplant automatically connects the customer with a dealer. The robot calls the customer again for feedback in 14, 90, and 180 days. The call statuses and the collected data are available in the corporate CRM system.

About Hyundai Motor CIS

Hyundai Motor CIS was founded in 2007 to import and distribute Hyundai cars to the CIS countries. The company created one of the largest dealer networks in Russia, which includes more than 160 dealer centers. The success of Hyundai cars on the domestic market is largely driven by Hyundai Motor CIS activities.

We were losing lots of customers who requested test drives. Our employees had to process the requests manually, that’s why a dealer could sometimes receive the customer’s contact details in 24 or even 72 hours if the request was submitted on Friday evening.

In the digital environment, quick response is a must. So we decided to automate request processing, specifically data verification, connection of the customer with a dealer, and quality control. We’ve been using this solution for 6 months and experienced several benefits. A dealer no longer spends time on calling the customers who provided an incorrect phone number or changed their mind. The call statuses are logged into our CRM system: we can monitor the dealers’ activities and check the history of each customer contact. Above all, as we sped up the customer communications, the test drive conversion rate doubled.
Svyatoslav Ryazhskiy,
Head of CRM & Digital at Hyundai Motor CIS

Voximplant in action

Step 1: Request Verification

The Hyundai CRM system sends the customer’s phone number to the Voximplant cloud using the HTTP API. After that, the cloud automatically tries to call the customer during business hours. When the cloud gets through to the customer, a JavaScript scenario is triggered and starts communicating with the customer using the voice synthesis and voice menu features.

Step 2: Auto-Connection

If the customer confirms his or her intentions to use the company’s services, Voximplant automatically gets through to a dealer center taking into account its business hours and time zones. After a dealer confirms that he or she is ready to speak to the customer, the cloud calls the customer again. All calls are logged and stored in the CRM system.

Step 3: Quality Control

The Voximplant cloud stores the customers’ details to call them later for feedback about the quality of service. After that, VoxImplant automatically sends the collected data to Hyundai.