Automated calls

Customer communications:

The Hoff hypermarket chain uses robocalls to remind its customers about deliveries. If a customer does not confirm the delivery terms and wants to change the order, the bot puts him or her through to a call center operator. With the delivery reminders, Hoff mitigates the delivery disruption risks.

About Hoff

The Hoff hypermarket chain is one of the largest and fast-growing furniture chains in Russia. It is the only furniture and home accessories chain operating as a hypermarket store, which has a unique all-goods-under-one-roof feature: Hoff offers packaged interior solutions based on a large, multi-brand variety of goods.

Delivery reminders used to amount to 40% of all operator calls. With automated calls, Hoff managed to free up the operators’ time for other tasks. Besides, it turned out that the bot is better at this task: it gets 80% of customers on the phone, while operators reached only 60% of clients. The more customers we manage to reach by phone, the more deliveries will be accepted by them.

Voximplant outperforms other telecom providers with its responsiveness and fast solution implementation: Voximplant’s support extends a helping hand even on weekends and holidays. We appreciate the flexibility of the Voximplant platform, thanks to which we never have to limit our desires to fit the platform’s capabilities.
Marina Balysheva,
Hoff Call Center Manager

Voximplant in action

Everyday Hoff sends customer data to Voximplant. The platform interviews customers and sends the call results to Hoff.


22,500 reminder calls per month
Reminder automation substitutes 7 in-house operators
Operators have additional time to solve more complex tasks
Time-savings for Hoff customers
80% of customers receive reminders
Successful delivery rate increased by 10%